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Understandable AI®

Diveplane Reactor is a cloud-based machine learning technology that creates powerful AI decision-making models based on historical data observations. Reactor augments and streamlines existing operations and is the only AI platform that that is fully explainable, auditable, and editable.

Now is the time for Understandable AI.
Diveplane AI

Our innovative AI provides business solutions that can be trusted, audited, and verified.

Using Diveplane Reactor, businesses can intelligently automate repetitive tasks in order to allow analysts to spend more time on the complex, harder-to-solve problems that require a human’s intervention. The output of the Reactor platform is comprehensive, defensible, and clear about how it arrived at a certain decision and exactly what data informed that choice. Through human review, Reactor allows an organization to pinpoint and analyze potentially highly biased data and remove it from all future analysis. This experience is entirely different from the black box systems that currently dominate the market. Reactor removes the black box entirely and replaces it with something better altogether.

The explanations that Reactor provides to explain its decisions come from a series of proprietary measurements such as our patented “conviction” metric, which represents how surprised the system is by new data. A higher conviction means the system is fairly convinced that new data is unsurprising and most likely fits the pattern of the other data, whereas a low conviction means the model is very surprised to see the new data and believes it is too different to belong in the dataset.

Diveplane is a user-friendly solution

Provides Explanations

Human Auditable

Imputes Missing Data

Sanitize Confidential Data

Easily Editable & Upgraded

How is Reactor different?

The Diveplane Reactor platform is the core technology upon which all of Diveplane’s other products are built. Using conviction, and the Reactor platform, it becomes possible to dynamically and accurately identify anomalies in real-time systems, realistically and reliably create shareable synthetic datasets that take the place of highly-sensitive personally identifiable information, and holistically and impressively predict the future of the commercial real estate market.

The Reactor core technology has also been used to power autonomous vehicles and drones, simulate aircraft telemetry data, and automate the detection of fraudulent activity.

Reactor Deployment

Diveplane has a number of flexible deployment methods to suit every customer requirement, from on-premise to public or private cloud.

Our Professional Services Team will provide training and ongoing support to all our customers to ensure they achieve the maximum benefit from the software.



GeminAI, Diveplane AI’s synthetic data creation tool, helps the healthcare industry by allowing institutions to share data without ever sharing a single piece of sensitive information, thereby opening up the brain trust to even more brilliant individuals who can save even more lives.