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GeminAI, our unique Privacy Enhancing Technology creates a verifiable synthetic ‘twin’ dataset with the same statistical properties of the original data, but without including the real-world confidential or personal information resulting in a data set rich in value but with no risks of re-identification.

  • GeminAI helps you navigate through National & International privacy laws e.g. GDPR, PHI & HIPAA.
  • The GeminAI dataset will look, act, and feel realistic for the purposes of data modeling and analysis, but does not contain information to identify an actual person from the original dataset.
  • GeminAI has the flexibility to only synthesize specific types of new cases.  For example, GeminAI could generate “synthetic patients” with specific medical conditions who fit certain demographic profiles, all without the PHI from your original data set.
  • GeminAI can create synthetic data from all structured data, uniquely, including time series data.
Diveplane GEMINAI
Diveplane GEMINAI

GeminAI is the key to safely unlocking the value from your data.

The potential for exposure of personal information has heightened legitimate concern surrounding data privacy to a level of ‘data paralysis’ where the fear-to-lose outweighs the gains-to-use.

GeminAI technology allows businesses and government organizations to analyze and share relevant data for detailed analysis while safely knowing that should this data be subjected to mishandling, loss, or theft, it contains no real customer information.

As more organizations embrace artificial intelligence & machine learning to support their business operations, the more urgent the need becomes for authentic training data. This training data needs must be available to multiple internal and external parties to provide realistic analysis and to serve as an accurate reflection of the population profile without access to the actual source data.

As companies seek the competitive edge, they want to extract value from their data to better understand:

Buying habits and trends

Population and census information

Credit worthiness and financial transactions

Travel and vacation preferences

Medical records, diagnosis trends and relationships

How is GeminAI different?

  • Other privacy techniques take data and simply mask certain slices of information, like name and social security numbers, leaving the data vulnerable to being reaggregated back to its original state.
  • GeminAI takes a dataset and uses it to create entirely new datapoints that did not previously exist while maintaining the statistical relationships and nuances contained in the original dataset.
  • GeminAI synthetic data captures the spirit of outliers, without keeping outliers in the dataset.
  • Diveplane’s patented techniques can create new specific data profiles, such as generating more synthetic patients of a particular age that have a particular condition.

GeminAI Deployment

Diveplane has a number of flexible deployment methods to suit every customer requirement, from on-premise to public or private cloud.

Our Professional Services Team will provide training and ongoing support to all our customers to ensure they achieve the maximum benefit from the software.