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Duke Health select GEMINAI to emphasize focus on patient data privacy.

By May 4, 2021No Comments

The Durham-based healthcare system will use Diveplane’s GEMINAI solution for synthetic data

Raleigh, NC -May 4, 2021 – Diveplane, the company keeping the humanity in artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that, following an extensive product review, Duke Health has selected Diveplane’s GEMINAI solution to protect the privacy of both patients and their data in the institution’s research efforts.

Diveplane’s GEMINAI utilizes AI to create verifiable synthetic “twin” data sets that enable sharing and analysis of sensitive data without risk of any mishandling of protected health information. The synthetic data created by GEMINAI realistically supports data modeling and analysis but does not contain any personally identifiable information, making it easy for this information to be shared while maintaining compliance with both PHI and HIPAA rules and regulations.

“We look forward to exploring the application of synthetic data to our education, research and health care missions here at Duke,” says Stephen Blackwelder, PhD, Duke Health Chief Analytics Officer. “Freedom from the special handling required of data containing PHI has the potential to enhance access to clinical data within Duke and could support broader analytics-grounded problem-solving.”

GEMINAI enables users to model large sets of fully synthetic patient data, containing all the specific and unique statistical properties of actual, real patients but without personally identifiable information that could be traced back to any one individual. Not only does GEMINAI allow for the personal information of actual patients to be anonymized and protected, it can also create fully synthetic data sets of new patients with specific medical conditions based on certain qualities and demographic profiles.

“We are unbelievably proud to be associated with an institution like Duke Health and to be selected by them to explore the potential that our GEMINAI technology has demonstrated,” said Diveplane CEO Michael Capps. “Data privacy affects us all and we are focused on delivering solutions that support the safe distribution and use of data. It’s no longer enough to simply mask or anonymize. Organizations must go further to protect the most intimate of data sets and we’re happy to be at the forefront of the research and development to set those standards.”

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