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Diveplane and Cantellus Group Announce Partnership to Promote Adoption of Understandable AI®

By October 19, 2022February 3rd, 2023No Comments

Diveplane and Cantellus Group Announce Partnership to Promote Adoption of Understandable AI®

Raleigh, NC — As organizations turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation and business growth, they are confronted by the technological challenges of which AI solution to select and how best to customize that solution for their business.

Today, Diveplane LLC and the Cantellus Group announced a partnership that brings Diveplane’s leading-edge Understandable AI platform, Reactor™, together with Cantellus Group’s specialized services in technology governance customization and integration. As partners, Diveplane and Cantellus will help clients fully realize the value of Diveplane’s Understandable AI® in alignment with their mission, values strategy, enterprise risk management, and regulatory obligations.

“Today’s partnership will help current and future clients install and use Reactor™ and its affiliated technologies with the benefit of both our experienced Engineering and Data Science teams and the tailored professional services of the Cantellus Group,” said Dr. Michael Capps, CEO of Diveplane.

The Diveplane Reactor platform is a leading-edge fully-interpretable AI solution with far reaching capacity to support multiple use cases including prediction, anomaly detection, anonymization, and creation of synthetic data, all from a single model and on one platform that you control. Reactor thrives on small and sparse data, meaning the users see results quickly. Reactor’s synthetic data engine, GeminAI™, can build verifiably accurate and private data anytime the need to preserve individual or group privacy or proprietary tolerances or relationships are keys to success.

Because Diveplane has built Reactor from the ground up to be Understandable AI, its results are clearly understood by technologists and non-technologists alike. Decisions can be based on clear understanding of the features driving the prediction. With both US and European patents, our ‘one-model’ design ensures our platform can be used efficiently to support changes in operational focus.

The Cantellus Group will work alongside Diveplane to integrate these solutions across the enterprise, support the client’s technology governance ecosystem from beginning to end. The goal is to achieve governance that aligns with each client’s mission. That starts with identifying the use cases that will most benefit from Reactor™ and developing policies and processes that reflect the client’s strategies and values. Cantellus can integrate Diveplane solutions into the non-technical side of a business and translate opportunities for product use and risk management between technical and non-technical teams.

With Cantellus and Diveplane together, Understandable AI® easier to understand and implement than ever.

About Diveplane

Diveplane’s ‘Putting the Humanity back in AI’ is more than a tag line – it’s our mission. Our passion is to enable innovation using leading-edge AI to support the human decision process. Our approach to AI is rooted in the principles of Predict, Explain and Show, creating user confidence that operational decisions are built on a foundation of fairness and transparency.

About Cantellus Group

The Cantellus Group offers specialized professional services for the design and implementation of custom AI and technology governance solutions. We work with clients to develop and facilitate Customized Trainings and Strategies tailored to get key stakeholders and broad audiences up to speed and invested in the need for trustworthy technology solutions – and how to get the most from those solutions.

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