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Diveplane 2021 AI Predictions

By December 1, 2020January 5th, 2021No Comments


As we come close to the end of what can only be described as a unique & challenging 2020, a look ahead to what we believe could be the topics most under the AI spotlight for 2021.

  1. There will be an urgent emphasis on the use of AI to support the global pandemic response, particularly in the areas of contact tracing, forecasting and decision automation.
  2. We can expect to see a steady rise in interest in explainable machine learning techniques – transparency will become critical to successful systems.
  3. We will see major efforts to advance AI & machine learning from U.S. government & defense organizations. While this has already been in the works, in 2021 there will be faster and more significant funding to support the endeavors.
  4. There will be an increase in the U.S. implementation of autonomous drones and vehicles. These are already being deployed in other countries, and they will become standard in the U.S. soon.
  5. The use of facial recognition will grow rapidly and expand into new industries and a variety of emerging use cases – especially the travel, mass transit and automotive industries.
  6. There will be a rise in cyberattacks that specifically target AI & machine learning systems. Companies should prepare their systems now to protect against them.
  7. We can expect a proliferation of internal attempts to poison or trick the production of AI & & machine learning deployments.
  8. To make up for revenue lost as a result of COVID-19, companies will be looking to monetize data as part of a larger diversification strategy.