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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the wave of the future. Technology is not only built into just about everything electronic, but most of it is built to machine-learn. Watch the video below to learn more from Alan on customer problems our AI solves.

AI is meant to help make our lives easier and our organizations run smoother. For this to happen successfully and consistently, you need to have the One-Model Approach with machine-learning. The adaptation to your system takes the guesswork out of your every day tasks.

Let Diveplane take the wheel and guide you into smoother skies. We offer a variety of software programs and packages, and we encourage you to even demo our products. We want to make sure we’re a good fit for your systems. Get in touch with us today and get started.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:29 Customer Problems Our AI Solves: Industry Agnostic
1:07 Customer Problems Our AI Solves: Diveplane’s AI Platform
2:55 Customer Problems Our AI Solves: Don’t Just Use Synthetic Data
3:13 Enabling Innovation & Efficiency


I’m often asked, how can we support customers from such a wide range of industries? How can we work with healthcare organizations one week and financial service organizations the next and then working with marketing tech companies? 


0:29 Customer Problems Our AI Solves: Industry Agnostic

We’re really glad to be asked that question because our platform is kind of industry agnostic. The one-model approach we’ve got to our AI platform enables us to really work with any industry without having to have a particular target or a particular frame of reference, which again makes our platform very flexible.


So when it then comes down to solving problems for example with synthetic data, I’m often asked, okay, what problems do you actually solve with Gemini, and do they differ across industries, the simple answer is not really.


1:07 Customer Problems Our AI Solves: Diveplane’s AI Platform

Most of our customers all seem to have the same set of problems. Number one, they’ve got data that they can’t access it or it takes too long to access it to solve a particular problem, and what we’ve been able to prove is that you can do an analysis of our synthetic data or we can share our synthetic data with examples like outside industry, with cooperating partners, with marketing companies. But you can do that with the confidence that you’re not going to breach any privacy regulations. So sharing data and analyzing data because of the accuracy and privacy levels that we can achieve with Gemini synthetic data, a number of our customers have now substituted production data with our synthetic data. They don’t need to use it anymore, which is fantastic. 


And the second one and certainly a growth part of the industry is machine-learning model training. I hear this all the time when they’re saying, yeah, but synthetic data will never replace genuine data or production data when it comes to model training. That’s not true and certainly, we’ve proven that time and time again that we can reach a level of accuracy without exposing any privacy issues by using Gemini to train machine-learning models to enable a data scientist to take a thesis use synthetic data and come up with the same results they would do had they used production data. 


We see that regularly, and what that means then is that businesses can expose more data to more people. So as they build out their data science team or their analytical team, they don’t have to stop and say well, we need to approve those people to see the production data. 


2:55 Customer Problems Our AI Solves: Don’t Just Use Synthetic Data

You don’t just let them use synthetic data and then the low-hanging fruit is just providing sort of test data onboarding data that if you’re testing new technology, and that might not need the accuracy and the privacy, but maybe not the accuracy that’s needed. 


3:13 Enabling Innovation & Efficiency

So what we’re seeing is it doesn’t matter which industry, including defense, financial services, as I said ad tech, healthcare, we can enable these organizations to be far more efficient and drive innovation with that level of confidence that they’re not breaching any privacy regulations, which is fantastic.