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The economy is complex, and so are real estate investments.

Relationships between economic variables are constantly changing; both observed and unobserved events often affect economic trends in a way that is difficult to understand. Investors are always seeking to maximize their returns, but many commercial real estate firms simply lack the human capital to pore over dozens of datasets, wrangle the relevant data, clean it up, and make a prediction model out of it. In the time it takes to do that, all your investment opportunities have passed you by. Diveplane’s Alluvion™ understands, quantifies, and explains these complexities.

Diveplane Alluvion™ makes it possible for commercial real estate investors to remove the uncertainties, unlock new insights, and gain the edge.
Diveplane ALLUVION
Diveplane ALLUVION

Gain the edge. Keep the edge.

There has never been a more relevant time than now as the industry focuses on adopting new CRE technologies. The process of building an in-house AI/ML solution is non-trivial and often cost prohibitive. Most firms have already found that they lack the time, talent and budget to build their own system.  Many commercially available AI/ML solutions provide limited forecasting capability or little or no explanation for the answers.

Enter: Diveplane. At Diveplane we aim to stack the deck in favor of the Investor by providing cutting-edge, patented technology to deliver a timely solution that augments our customers’ business capabilities and decisioning processes.  AI and Big Data present a time-bound opportunity for real estate investors to capture outsized returns. Our approach helps investors and developers build ML prediction models that suit their investment strategies and objectives. We help partners focus capital and resources on their highest and best use.

Alluvion™ and the data science team that power it boast:

A deep knowledge of econometrics and time series analysis

Experience with data gathering and data mining

Flexibility of data used in forecasting models

Causal analysis that explains the “why”

Lower operating costs than other traditional models

What makes Alluvion™ different?

Diveplane’s Alluvion™ is unique in its approach to solving time series forecasting challenges. Our algorithms focus on identifying constantly changing time trends, also known as ‘nonstationarity’ in time series vocabulary, instead of simply using past observations to make future predictions. When it comes to time series problems, extra measures must be taken to deal with nonstationarity, because patterns that were observed in the past might not be repeated in the future.

Diveplane’s data science team closely analyzes troves of economic data to find variables that have similarly shaped trend cycles to the item that is being predicted. With this approach, we are able to quantify the nature of the volatility and use that to more accurately capture the movement and growth of a specific market.

Alluvion™ Deployment

Diveplane has a number of flexible deployment methods to suit every customer requirement, from on-premise to public or private cloud.

Our Professional Services Team will provide training and ongoing support to all our customers to ensure they achieve the maximum benefit from the software.