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EU AI Act Mandates Understandable AI for all High-Risk AI SystemsLeading Corporations Adopt New M&A Due Diligence Criteria to Assess Value, Risks of Data-, AI-Centric BusinessesDiveplane and Cantellus Group Announce Partnership to Promote Adoption of Understandable AI®
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Enterprise Data Synthesis

Award winning Privacy Enhancing Technology. Create a safe, accurate synthetic twin of your data. All the value from your data without the risk to data privacy.

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Diveplane Awards and AccoladesThe insideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 List for Q4 2022

Find out why Gartner, the leading authority on Enterprise procurement, featured Diveplane as a vendor in their report Preserving Privacy While Using Personal Data for AI Training here.

The Diveplane Stack : Generative AI for Data with No Compromises

Understandable AI®

Diveplane allows humans to understand exactly WHY a decision was made, shining where black box neural networks can’t.

GeminAI – Unassailable Privacy for Enterprises that Demand It

Geminai uses its underlying Reactor platform to produce a completely safe twin of your data, well beyond anything mandated by law, while still giving you the ability to extract all necessary insights and market value from the underlying information.  Keep your customers safe while retaining a highly-accurate, leverageable asset you can use and market without fear.

Built on the Reactor™ Platform

Our platform makes Understandable AI a reality. Unlike neural networks, our platform generates the model from the data itself, making for smooth, real-time deployment and lightning-fast optimization, even at high data loads.

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